Donald Trump Has Declared War on America

Vladimir Putin has declared war against the United States of America with his actions of recruiting terrorists to kill American soldiers, could there be a more brazen act than that? When President Trump was notified what do you think he did? He pushed to have Putin included in the next G7 summit. Even Tom Clancy couldn’t have seen this coming or written it in one of his books, it would’ve been deemed too far-fetched and yet here we are.

It raises the question: What is going on? What does Putin have on Trump?

The answer- the American people don’t care anymore, we know that there’s something, in fact there’s probably a multitude of things. Chances are it includes a multitude of Trump’s vices and in reality those don’t matter anymore. We have all the evidence that we need — you go after our military there will be hell to pay. No Dem Left Behind recently hired our national spokesperson, Richard Ojeda, largely in part because he’s a veteran and served his country with distinction and valor. Three of our current candidates — Tom Palzewicz, Mia Mason, and Devin Pandy — are veterans and another candidate’s husband, Lindsey Simmons, is currently deployed overseas. Targeting the men and women bravely serving their country is America’s red line!

Donald Trump has declared war on America and now America will respond accordingly. Moscow Mitch is nowhere to be found, not that we care anyways. President George Bush famously said “You are either with us or against us” and on November 3, 2020 when America goes to the polls, either in person or by mail, we will not forget and we will take action.

No Dem Left Behind is a one-of-a-kind grassroots organization dedicated to electing Democratic congressional candidates in red districts.