Donald Trump’s Failure to Lead America Through a National Crisis

With the status of Donald Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis still reeling with updates and uncertainties, the spectating world watches in apprehension, while also wrestling to digest a mix of morally confusing emotions. While we can genuinely extend our sympathies to both the President and First Lady during this time and hope for their imminent recovery, one cannot also ignore the ever-present cloud of injustice looming above the country. If and when Donald Trump makes a successful recovery, it will be at the hands of exceptional medical care. Medical care which wasn’t available to the 200,000 Americans, and counting, who have died of coronavirus to date. How can we reconcile this tragedy with the American ideals? The ideals of a unified America. Of a humane America.

The lethargic nature of Trump’s response to the virus has been complacent and weak to an increasingly fatal degree. This only goes further to demonstrate yet another instance of Trump’s failed leadership when faced with a national emergency. Without a worthy leader at the helm, the fate of the country’s health and economy hangs critically in the balance.

In times of crisis, people seek stability in the assurances of their leaders. They look for an example of behavior to observe. However, Trump’s erratic performance should serve as an example to exactly no one. By refusing to partake in safety protocol to mitigate the virus, his morally misguided leadership has steered the country into a state of suffering.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said “We need leaders not in love with money but in love in justice. Not in love with publicity but in love with humanity”. Though spoken almost 60 years ago, these words continue to resonate today with eerie accuracy.

The reality is that Trump is simply an unfit leader. The enormity of his ego is incompatible with the humility and sentience required to govern a nation through a period of national distress. The role of leader must therefore fall to someone who can guide the country towards greater prosperity. Someone who believes in proper healthcare for all. Someone like Joe Biden, who’s trusted experience and secure temperament will restore a sense of national stability.