Donald Trump’s Reckless Response to Climate Change

Nevertheless, despite endless streams of both scientific, and objective proof which more than confirm the downward spiralling state of our climate, Trump’s vocabulary on the matter does little to reassure the public. Words like “hoax” and “mythical” have been heard spilling from his lips, along with his overarching slogan: “I don’t believe it”. Not quite the dignified words of wisdom one would expect from the leader of a major world country.

Any doubts about Trump’s stance on climate change were resolved in June 2017 when he announced his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement, a multilateral accord aimed at uniting global leaders in the fight to limit worldwide greenhouse gas emissions and lower global temperatures. Initiated in April 2016 at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the agreement was signed by 195 countries including the United States under Barack Obama’s leadership. However, according to the current administration, partaking in the accord would unfairly burden the U.S. economy and its taxpayers.

The United States’ extraction from the Paris Agreement was met with enormous criticism and upset from virtually all major global leaders, including France’s Emmanuel Macron and Canada’s Justin Trudeau. This senseless act, coupled with Trump’s derisive attitude towards the domestic Green New Deal and the Clean Power Plan, fuel his isolationist foreign policy agenda and weakens the American reputation on the global front.

Exiting the Paris Agreement is a “disastrous decision that sells our children’s future”, says Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The power of this statement lies in the word “future” because as global citizens, it is our duty to work towards and build a future worthy of our efforts; and it is in the future that the agonizing impacts of Trump’s actions will be felt most acutely.

It seems however that a blue flash of hope blinks on the horizon. If elected President, Joe Biden has pledged to rejoin the Paris Agreement in his mission to re-establish international ties and cure the American people of their Trump era hangover. Tackling our current climate emergency will require bold action on a collective and unified front. The Paris Agreement embodies this notion by emphasizing the importance of multilateral cooperation. A win for the Biden administration would not only heal America’s relationship with the international community, but simultaneously re-affirm the United States as a progressive country committed to enhancing the future of our climate.

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