No Dem Left Behind Endorses Marcus Flowers for U.S. Congress

No Dem Left Behind
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May 27, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC — This week, No Dem Left Behind PAC announced it’s endorsement of Marcus Flowers for U.S. Congress. Flowers is the Democratic candidate best positioned to oust Qanon conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene as Representative for Georgia’s 14th congressional district.

“We have a cancer in Congress and it’s Marjorie Taylor Greene — A woman who praises ignorance and condemns science. She is an insult to doctors, teachers, and to our military. She’s everything that is wrong with our country today. I’ve spent time in Georgia and I’ve talked to the people there. They’re already tired of her and her antics. Marcus Flowers is a veteran like me and he has served this country honorably. He has exactly what it takes to send Marjorie Taylor Greene packing in 2022.“ says No Dem Left Behind national spokesperson and former West Virginia state senator, Richard Ojeda.

Marcus Flowers is a military veteran and a patriot. He has spent his career defending our country and understands the threat our nation is currently facing with the dangerous rise in far right extremism. He will bring honor and integrity back to the office — qualities his opponent clearly lacks. And he will work hard for the people of his district.

Hassan Martini, executive director and founder of No Dem Left Behind: “Marcus is keenly aware of the challenges that the good people of Georgia are facing, including deteriorating infrastructure, hospital closings occuring all too frequently in rural America, and a broadband system that resembles third world countries. These are the issues that rural voters care about, and this is what Marcus Flowers is going to go to Congress to fix.”

Flowers is the second candidate to be endorsed by No Dem Left Behind political action committee for the 2022 campaign cycle.



No Dem Left Behind is a one-of-a-kind grassroots movement dedicated to electing democrats in rural communities to Congress. NDLB is organizing and elevating rural Democrats, expanding the Democratic base in rural America, and sending more Democrats to Congress. For more information about No Dem Left Behind, visit



No Dem Left Behind

No Dem Left Behind is a one-of-a-kind grassroots organization dedicated to electing Democratic congressional candidates in red districts.