No Dem Left Behind Endorses Lucas Kunce for U.S. Senate

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No Dem Left Behind Endorses Lucas Kunce for U.S. Senate

WASHINGTON, DC — This week, No Dem Left Behind PAC announced its endorsement of Lucas Kunce for U.S. Senate.

“We’re incredibly impressed by Lucas’s passion, drive and commitment to improving the lives of working people in his home state of Missouri and throughout the rest of America,” said Hassan Martini, Executive Director of No Dem Left Behind. “His ‘Marshall Plan for the Midwest’ is particularly innovative and forward-thinking, while also being both common-sense and achievable. We believe his populist message will resonate with voters right, left and center who are sick of watching the 1% get richer and richer while they struggle to get ahead.”

“Lucas grew up in Missouri with working-class parents who went bankrupt paying medical bills for his sister’s heart condition,” added No Dem Left Behind spokesman Richard Ojeda. “He knows firsthand how difficult it is for families to survive when adversity strikes, as it does for most people, at some point. Likewise, the perspective he gained serving our country as a U.S. Marine showed him that while we may have the greatest military in the world, we still have a long way to go when it comes to taking care of the folks at home.”

Kunce, 39, attended Yale University on a Pell Grant. He earned his law degree from the University of Missouri and immediately joined the U.S. Marine Corps’ Judge Advocate Division, where he served 13 years, including two tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq.

Kunce often says that his overseas tours were part of what inspired his Senate run — “We were over there spending billions of dollars on war and nation building, but what about nation-building here at home?” A major part of his campaign platform is his “Marshall Plan for the Midwest,” an economic stimulus and infrastructure-building proposal to bring rural America up to speed with the rest of the developed world.

“We’ve been building things right here in Missouri for generations,” says Kunce on his campaign website. “My plan would put our carpenters, tradespeople, sheet metal workers, laborers, and engineers to work rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, expanding broadband coverage, and making our homes, businesses, and public buildings energy efficient. At the same time, we’d be investing in job training, local governments, and the factories of the future to create generations of sustainable jobs.”

Alongside his “Marshall Plan for the Midwest,” Kunce champions a populist agenda including protecting voting rights, breaking up corporate monopolies, abolishing corporate PACs, preventing elected officials from using their positions to increase their personal or family fortunes, expanding access to affordable healthcare, and increasing the minimum wage.


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