No Dem Left Behind Endorses Madison Horn for U.S. Senate (OK)

No Dem Left Behind
3 min readSep 18, 2022


No Dem Left Behind proudly endorses Madison Horn for U.S. Senate. Madison is from the small farm town of Stilwel, OK. She is a real Oklahoman, as well as a Cherokee Nation tribal citizen.

Madison is a sterling example of the opportunities that exist in America. A trusted leader in global cybersecurity, Madison overcame the odds that faced her as not only a woman but also a person born into poverty.

She has worked her way from a place where 68% of women are unemployed, with limited access to technology. Only 13% of children living in poverty escape it, and within cybersecurity, only 7% of women make it into leadership positions, and less than 1% lead global practices.

Madison has a confident pride in the scrappy and tenacious qualities with which she overcame the odds, but she isn’t closing the door behind her. She understands all too well the many unnecessary roadblocks those in poverty face. These impediments are not just to a successful career, but to basic healthcare and a livable wage.

Senator Horn will seek to alleviate the burdens of poverty by building better pathways to success. Pathways to success that benefit not only those in poverty but also those in the middle class.

Senator Horn will:

  • Address the growing workforce shortage with vocational and co-op development programs
  • Support legislation providing livable wages to hard-working Americans
  • Promote workforce development programs to meet the demands of our 21st-century economy
  • Pass legislation supporting small business owners and entrepreneurship
  • Modernize policy and regulation for emerging sectors and the businesses of today

Senator Horn will support healthcare reforms that: increase patient choice while expanding Medicare and Medicaid; lower prescription drug prices; require hospital price and quality transparency; expand access to telehealth services. And, as a woman, Madison fully understands the importance of reproductive healthcare access and can be trusted to defend it.

Senator Horn will also support: investing in clean energy to tackle the threat of climate change; a compassionate approach to border security; making sure our veterans receive topnotch medical care; protecting voting rights; civil rights protections for gender and personal identity; and making sure we are investing appropriately in our nation’s critical infrastructure.

If Oklahomans give Madison Horn a chance to continue her success story in the Senate, No Dem Left Behind has no doubt it will be a success for our country.


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No Dem Left Behind

No Dem Left Behind is a one-of-a-kind grassroots organization dedicated to electing Democratic congressional candidates in red districts.