No Dem Left Behind Endorses Sen. Raphael Warnock for Reelection to U.S. Senate

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No Dem Left Behind Endorses Sen. Raphael Warnock for reelection to U.S. Senate

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WASHINGTON, DC — This week, No Dem Left Behind PAC announced its endorsement of Senator Raphael Warnock for re-election to the U.S. Senate from the state of Georgia.

“We’re proud to have chosen Reverend Warnock as our first-ever incumbent endorsement,” said Hassan Martini, Executive Director of No Dem Left Behind. “Up until now, we have exclusively focused on flipping open and red seats for Democrats, but so much is at stake in this year’s midterms, and Senator Warnock has done such a great job representing the people of Georgia, that we decided to expand our efforts this cycle.”

“Senator Warnock cares deeply for the underserved rural and working-class voters we’re trying to reach,” said Martini. “Since 2014, he’s been actively trying to improve their lives by fighting to expand access to affordable health care and register more people to vote. Last cycle, we were one of the few groups out there knocking on doors for him in rural Georgia, because we’ve always believed that when Democrats actually show up in rural America, we can and do win. We’re proud to have played a role in his victory then, and we’re excited to help him win again in 2022.”

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“Reverend Warnock knows firsthand how hard it can be for rural and working-class Americans to get by,” added No Dem Left Behind spokesman Richard Ojeda. “He grew up in public housing as the child of an Army veteran. Even though both his parents had jobs as church pastors, his dad had to have a side hustle fixing up junked cars just to put enough food on the table.”

“Reverend Warnock credits much of his success in life to Upward Bound, a program made possible by a federal social spending package passed in the 1960s that was a lot like President Biden’s “Build Back Better” aims to be today,” said Ojeda. “We’ve got to protect and expand our Senate majority to have any hope of offering new opportunities like that to our kids and grandkids, so keeping Georgia’s Senate seat blue is absolutely critical.”

Said Martini, “Senator Warnock has already made his mark in Washington. He was instrumental in passing the American Rescue Plan that has helped so many people get their lives and businesses back on track after the pandemic. He reached across party lines to secure funding for a new highway that will connect and serve the folks living in Georgia’s smaller cities and military bases. And he’s been a passionate advocate for voting rights at a time when they are very much under attack. No Dem Left Behind is committed to doing everything we can to help him win this year.”

Senator Warnock has served as the senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta since 2005. He was elected to the Senate in a 2020 special election to finish the term of former Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson, who resigned for health reasons in 2019. He is the first Black person to represent Georgia in the Senate and the first Black Democrat to have been elected to the Senate by a former Confederate state. If he wins in 2022, he will begin his first full term in 2023.


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