No Dem Left Behind Endorses Tim Ryan for U.S. Senate


May 7, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC — This week, No Dem Left Behind PAC announced it’s endorsement of Ohio candidate for U.S. Senate, Tim Ryan.

“We need leaders like Tim Ryan who genuinely care about the people in their communities. Tim literally gets angry when he sees the people who are pulling the weight for this nation being treated badly’ “says No Dem Left Behind national spokesperson and former West Virginia state senator, Richard Ojeda.

Retiring Republican Rob Portman failed to deliver on his promise of bringing jobs and growing the economy of Ohio. It’s time for a Democrat to step in who has the ability to fulfill that commitment.

Ohio is a battleground state for the Senate, but this isn’t just about who has control of the Senate, it’s about which party is actually working hard for Americans — and Ohioans. Republicans have made it clear that their only priority under the Biden administration is obstruction, which means little in the way of progress for Ohio. Ryan is the antithesis of this, committed to “fighting like hell for working people.”

Since serving in the United States House of Representatives Tim Ryan has been a vocal advocate for infrastructure reform in rural America. His vision for our country is exactly what we need.

Ryan is the first candidate to be endorsed by the No Dem Left Behind political action committee for the 2022 campaign cycle.



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