No Dem Left Behind is Once Again Under Attack from the Alt-Right: We Will Not be Silenced

Over the past week, No Dem Left Behind has been extremely vocal in support of protestors that have taken the street to peacefully represent the Black Lives Matter movement and protest the racial divide in America. Our strong presence has led to a drastic increase in media attention and supporters, as we continue to expose white supremacy across America. We recently posted a video showcasing the hypocrisy of the protests’ media coverage, that highlight the looting of American business but refuse to reveal the supremacists who incite the violence. With over 1 million views, this video of a man flashing a white nationalist hate symbol on live television as a reporter records her experience in the peaceful protests, perfectly embodies why we need change in this country. We need new leadership now more than ever. Not just at the national level, but new leadership within the communities, as well. That is exactly what No Dem Left Behind aims to do, as we support Democratic candidates running in rural, red districts.

Of course, with a drastic increase in audience and support comes a wave of alt-right, hyper conservative ferocious attacks. Whether it’s through hateful messages on social media, multiple attempts to hack into the No Dem Left Behind website and database, or a constant barrage of false reporting to Twitter, their attempts have failed to silence our voices and stop our group efforts of exposing police brutality. When our coalition first gained traction just several months ago, we faced the same challenge and it’s happening once again.

While the alt-right tries to drown out our coalition’s efforts to expose white supremacy and the corruption of the GOP, we will not be silenced. This onslaught of attacks has motivated and reinvigorated our movement like nothing else. It tells us they are scared, and they have good reason to be. There is change coming to this country and that change is a Blue Wave. Together, we can bring light to the racial divide and urge our Democratic candidates to make real change once they come to office November 3rd.

With the help of our returning and new coalition supporters we will build an America that truly reflects who we are as a country- proud, patriotic, and (most important) accepting of everyone. To learn how you can get involved, or to interview our candidates please visit

No Dem Left Behind is a one-of-a-kind grassroots organization dedicated to electing Democratic congressional candidates in red districts.