No Dem Left Behind’s Richard Ojeda Delivers Fiery Speech at ‘March on Manchin’


June 14, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC — On Monday evening, No Dem Left Behind national spokesperson and former West Virginia State Senator, retired Major Richard Ojeda marched alongside Reverend William Barber at The Poor People’s Campaign’s “March on Manchin.”

Major Retired Richard Ojeda speaks at the March on Manchin rally organized by The Poor People’s Campaign

At the rally, Ojeda gave an impassioned speech about the need for elected officials to represent their constituents and to stand up for the poor, working class, and marginalized communities. In his speech, Ojeda specifically called out Senator Joe Manchin for caving to big money over honoring his commitment to the people of West Virginia:

“I may be the spokesperson for No Dem Left Behind, but today isn’t about Democrats. I’m here for one reason. In terms of leaving things behind, we can’t leave poor people behind. We can’t leave unions behind. We cannot leave our elderly behind. We cannot leave the LGBTQ community behind. We cannot leave nurses and teachers and coal miners behind. When we send people to Washington D.C….they’ve got one job and that’s to represent. And right now, West Virginia has bipartisanship. Because the Republicans, the Independents, and the Democrats are all for the For The People Act. I’m sick and tired of watching Joe Manchin…go to Washington D.C. and do nothing that we want done. West Virginia is a poor state. West Virginia is a state that struggles greatly. Go forward and bring opportunities back to West Virginia…It’s time for these people to actually do their job and work for us. And if they don’t, we fire every single one of them. Make no mistake. Come 2022, everybody votes…Do not let them shut down your voice. Only together can we make change.”

In the past several weeks, Ojeda has been increasingly vocal about his disappointment in Sen. Manchin and Manchin’s failure to advocate for his constituents, particularly poor and working class people and people from marginalized communities, with regards to ending the filibuster, voting rights, establishing a living wage, and infrastructure.



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No Dem Left Behind is a one-of-a-kind grassroots organization dedicated to electing Democratic congressional candidates in red districts.