The Impact of COVID-19 On Rural America

Source: Anna Shvets

No Dem Left Behind describes how rural democrats have responded to the recent outbreak of COVID19.

Schools are closing, public events are cancelled, and entire countries are on lockdown. Still, rural Democrats across America push forward and continue fighting for the underdog. Although campaign methods have been forced to undergo changes in order to combat COVID-19, our coalition of rural Democrats still stands strong.

From moving to digital, remote work to lowering person-to-person contact rates, our campaign techniques to better the public health. Members of No Dem Left Behind are taking this action by:

  • Contacting voters via text or remote phone banks
  • Hosting virtual town halls
  • Moving to online organizing
  • Using “Call my Candidate” to have one-on-one chats with constituents.
  • Fundraising virtually
  • Suspending campaign events
  • Utilizing “vote tripling” techniques
  • Hosting Facebook-live sessions
  • Working with our partners to launch Tweet Storms

While these methods are unconventional, our top priority is maintaining public health and safety. Although these are daunting times, our campaigns are continuing to push forward, and will not be stopped!

Recently, President Trump offered a $1 trillion Wall Street bailout, claiming to help the stock markets bounce back, rather than putting the money into public health initiatives. Additionally, the Senate GOP opposed a 14-day paid sick leave bill that would help offset the spread of COVID-19, while not being a burden on the working class. The GOP claimed that this bill would harm employers, without considering how much the bill would help employees.

Our country must come together and we can’t do that with a Republican agenda that is only aimed at protecting the rich and powerful. We as Democrats will continue to stand up to harmful policies in the interests and public safety of the American people.